An Airbus to preserve nature and human lives

Kepplair Evolution will be using the Airbus A330, well-known for its performance and reliability that makes it a standard in the long-haul industry. The aircraft will be modified as a firefighter air tanker operating everywhere in Europe and around the Mediterranean Sea. The aircraft will also be used for the purpose of medical evacuation and humanitarian freight operations.

A European solution​

The project aims at pooling European resources in order to preserve forests and human lives on the European soil and promotes environmental-conscious and optimized cooperation between key operators in the civil protection system in Europe.

Sustainable and ecological economy

The project is driven by sustainable development needs and ecological transition towards a sound economy for the benefit of all. It aims at finding long-term financing tools for the sake of civil protection in the European Union.

A modular layout​

Kepplair Evolution has developed a unique gravity assisted firefighting system , which does not degrade the aircraft’ aerodynamics properties. The project shows French leadership in treating and valorizing aircraft reaching the end of their commercial lifespan..

Kepplair Evolution presentation at ICAO event (International Civil Aviation Organization)👇

Kepplair Evolution powered by KIOS & NaSCa


After several years of research at the Institut de Mécanique des Fluides de Toulouse, the CNRS, Toulouse INP and Kepplair Evolution have filed a “KIOS” patent on an innovative drop system.

In addition to the response it provides to the Kepplair Evolution project, this system aims in particular to equip the new generations of LAT (Large Air Tanker) and VLAT (Very Large Air Tanker) and to transform any type of aircraft into a Bombardier of ‘water (A330 MRTT, A400M, A320, B777, ATR42 …)

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Presentation at IMFT in Toulouse 🔧

Logiciel Prediction EMPREINTE


NaSCa software able to predict the drop pattern of any delivery system.

Green Lemon, Kepplair Evolution, why that ? 🧐

Aware of the high media potential of the project, we chose a very symbolic logo and name.

We placed our adventure under the protection of Johannes Kepler, a visionary scientist from the 16th century, whose works in astronomy, optics and mathematics are still used today.

The Green lemon, present on five continents, symbolizes universality, nature, healing and brotherhood. From the 18th century, the great navigators used it as a remedy against scurvy, thus saving many sailors on each crossing.