Kepplair Evolution visits USDA Forest Service

French researcher Dominique Legendre and David Joubert, president of Kepplair Evolution, were received by Ryan Becker and Carl Bambarger in their USDA Forest service office in San Dimas, California.

Ryan Becker and Dominique Legendre co-published an article in the International Newspaper of Wildland Fire. One of the interesting results of this study is that Dominique Legendre is able to predict the theoretical imprint on the ground of a dropping when he knows the characteristics of a plane (speed, surface of doors, quantity of liquid, shape of the reservoir).

Since the early sixties, the USDA Forest Service organizes campaigns of static or ” Cup and Grid method ”  test for all the water bombers in order to deliver US federal certifications. Ryan Becber has offered to assist Kepplair Evolution during the process of the conception of the dropping system 

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