Airline pilot in a major national airline for over 20 years. He is qualified on Airbus A320 and Boeing 777 and has over 12,000 flying hours. He has explored different business models. In 2000, he was president of a production structure of Jazz and artists’ agents with a turnover of more than 1 million euros. Since 2004, he has owned a farm property on which he develops local solutions to fight global warming. He brings to Kepplair Evolution his sense of innovation, his imagination, his rigour, his sensitivity to environmental issues and his desire to succeed.


Dominique LEGENDRE 

Lecturer at the Institute of Fluid Mechanics in Toulouse and at ENSEEIHT. This two-phase flow and release system specialist provides scientific oversight of the design of the release system.


Jérôme LAVAL

More than 20 light seasons to his credit, he is an instructor, water bomber pilot. Captain of the Hercules C130 and Tracker aircraft, he also flew the OV-10 Bronco, which served as a command post in the fight against forest fires in the United States. He validates each of the project’s strategic choices through the filters of his expertise and experience.


Thierry FEHR 

An emergency physician specializing in aeronautical medicine, he is currently a doctor at CEMA* d’air France. In addition, he is responsible for reviewing passenger name records requiring medical clearance. He works as an emergency physician for Paris Airport in the Orly medical department. He was also Air Liberté’s chief medical officer and set up the health repatriation service in partnership with the most important insurance companies. Dr.FEHR is an experienced private pilot with over 1000 flying hours.



Based in Toulouse Blagnac, Aerotec Concept works in all sectors of aeronautics and ensures a complete follow-up of the service from design in design (DOA) to installation and ground and flight tests (POA).

Aerotec Concept offers a complete work-package from the design phase to the assembly and certification (minor or STC).

The activities of the design office result in:
* Feasibility Study (for minor modification or STC)
* Constitution of the minor approval file or STC including safety analyses, structural analysis and constraints, ELA, electrical and mechanical drawings, ground tests, flight tests, etc.
* Creation of Service Bulletin
* Creation of Flight Manual Supplements
* Airworthiness monitoring.

AEROTEC is a privileged partner of Tarmac Aerosave.



LFC PARTNERS, founded in 2004 by Pierre Louis LE FAOU, is an independent private consulting company active in the field of Corporate Finance, including mergers and acquisitions, strategy and finance consulting and debt restructuring. LFC PARTNERS’ approach is to seek a close association with investors and potential co-investors for full involvement in the realization of company transformation or group creation.


Advice, communication, events and media relations