Kepplair Evolution's Team


David JOUBERT is an experienced airline pilot and has been flying for a prestigious French company for more than 20 years. He is both qualified on the Airbus 320 and the Boeing 777 with more than 12,000 hours total. He is also an experienced entrepreneur who explored different types of companies. In 2000, he was president of a Jazz production agency with more than one million euros turnover. Since 2004, he is the owner of an agricultural property on which he develops local solutions to fight global warming. Today, he serves Kepplair Evolution with his unique creativity and shows great intellectual and technical rigour.


Professor Dominique LEGENDRE is a teacher-researcher professor to the Institute of fluid mechanics in Toulouse and to the ENSEEIHT. This specialist of diphasic flows and dropping systems supervises the dropping system scientific conception.

Technical Dropping expertise

Jêrome LAVAL is a former fighter pilot on Mirage III, he currently practices as instructor and pilot of water-bombing aircrafts. Captain on Hercules C130 and Tracker, he also managed the piloting of aircrafts being of use as headquarter in the United States forest firefighting.  He confirms each of the project strategic choices through his expertise and experiment.

Medical evacuation

Doctor Thierry FEHR is an emergency physician specialized in aeronautical medicine. He currently works at the Air France CEMA*, taking care of airline pilots and cabin crew. He also runs the Orly airport health services department for Aéroport de Paris, taking care of passengers requiring special medical attention. In 1995, he was head of the health care department at Air Liberté – a former french airline – and set-up major medical evacuation operations with leading insurance companies. Doctor FEHR is also an experienced private pilot with more than 1000 hours to date.

Finance & Strategy


Elias ETTEDGUI has a long career of business manager. In particular, he founded and managed Group PROCLIF (more than 1500 employees) which was one of the first French private hospitals groups in Ile-de-France in 2009. Monsieur ETTEDGUI serves Kepplair Evolution with his competency and all his partners network who have trusted him for more than 30 years. For Kepplair Evolution he is firstly in charge of the management control and the financial strategy.


ACEFI CL company is responsible for managing numerous companies in France and Europe. Its business knowledege is a definite asset for Kepplair Evolution. Under the LIFE+ European program follow-up, successful tools of cost accounting were created.



LFC Partners

Established in 2004, LFC PARTNERS is an independent finance advisory firm based in Paris – run by Pierre Louis LE FAOU – specialized in mergers and acquisitions, financial advisory and debt restructuring. They are a group of talented professionals with excellent banking experience and broad international experience. They have a proven experience in defining and implementing Buy-and-Build strategies, developing close associations with investors, assisting them throughout all phases of the project, transforming a company or building a group.



AEROTEC is certified to carry out:

  • Maintenance of avionic equipment and flight instruments (general overhauls and test bench controls). PART145-F202

  • Airplane and helicopter changes PART145-F202, on-site intervention in France or abroad.

  • Aeronautic beams, support, systems and equipment. PART21G-0240

AEROTEC represents most of the world-wide equipment manufacturers, for instance:

  • Rockwell Collins, Honeywell, Garmin, Universal Avionics Systems Corporation, Bendix King, Cobham, Sandel, Flight Display Systems, Bose, Aspen Avionics, Freeflight Systems, Avidyne, Becker Avionics, PS Engineering Inc., EMS Sky Connect, Aircell, L3 Communications and others…

Our Design office certified Part21J-0362, is qualifified for projects support, on-site intervention for pre-projects, pre-studies: avionic changes, mission projects, cabin interior completion.

Aerotec Concept is located at the Toulouse Blagnac airport, develops any airplane or helicopter modifications.


3 avenue André Morizet 92100 – Boulogne / 01 46 03 55 01.
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